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Key Features, Benefits and Capabilities of CDIP.web®

CDIP.web® was purposely developed by a CDI Specialist and Certified Coder with flexibility in mind.  It allows you to completely customize it to meet the unique needs of your CDI Program.  It's also designed to be easily implemented and supported by your IT/IS department.  Below are some of the key features, benefits and capabilities that set CDIP.web® apart from other CDI software solutions.


User Definable Reason, Response and Status Codes

Why restrict or try to make your CDI Program fit into a canned application using someone else's codes and descriptions?  CDIP.web® allows you to create and use as many of your own unique codes and descriptions as you need for your CDI Program!


Define Multiple Payer Groups and Blended Rates for Each

CDIP.web® allows you to define multiple MS-DRG and APR-DRG Payers, including their individual blended rates and update them yourself, up to 4 times a year!

This DRG data can be used to calculate reimbursement dollars for each encounter based on fiscal year weights of original, CDI proposed, CDI final and final coded/billed DRG.  New DRG's can quickly and easily be imported using the embedded Import feature.


Streamlined Query/Clarification Workflow

All queries/clarifications are attached to the appropriate encounter, and include the reason for the clarification, request and response date, physician response, and detailed notes. To communiate with Coders using CDIP.web® , you can easily indicate each query’s proposed outcome and whether it should result in a CC or an MCC after the account has been coded.




Built-In Reporting

CDIP.web® has a number of included reports in both graphical views and tabular format.  Additionally, each screen view's data can be searched, sorted and filtered to create your own customizable reports on the fly!  No more waiting on IT or Vendors to create and deliver your Reports!


Quick and Easy Daily Patient Data Entry (Import)

No need to manually type in your daily admits.  CDIP.web®'s Import and Update functions take exported ADT information from your Patient management system and loads it, via electronic batch files, for you! This process also updates existing patient information as it changes during the course of their hospital stay.


Quick and Advanced Search

Each screen view has both a Quick Search and an Advanced Search function that allows you to data mine any piece of information stored in CDIP.web®.  You can then sort, filter, print or export it for further analysis or data sharing.


Robust Exporting

Export any data stored within CDIP.web® for sharing with others or for further analysis in third party applications such as Microsoft® Excel®.  There are several formats to choose from including Excel® spreadsheet, Word® document, CSV or XML files.

Web-Based access from any computer platform

Becuase CDIP.web® is web-based, its accessible by any major operating system and it's default web browser. There is no additional software or hardware installation required.

PC or Thin Client
PC or Thin Client
Laptop or Notebook
Laptop or Notebook
Apple or Mac
Apple or Mac
Tablet PC
Tablet PC
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